What Artitude Web Strategies Will Do For Your Business

My name is Jeff Wild. I’m the founder, President and often chief dish washer of Artitude Web Strategies. I’ve been creating successful Web Sites since dinosaurs walked the “Information Super Highway”, since way back in 1994.

My specialty is creating Web strategies to enable businesses to dominate their local (national and international) market on the Web. I do this through a variety of techniques collectively known as, but by no means limited to SEO, or search engine optimization.

Actually my team and I do quite a bit more than that. The Web is far more than a necessary expense like a business license, or a tax accountant; it’s a serious business tool which can greatly increase your bottom line when employed properly.

Yes, you need a Web Site, and as a full service Web Solutions Company we can create a professional, aesthetically pleasing Site for you, fully optimized for both the Search Engines and just as importantly, for your customers.

It’s not enough to be found; without your customers acting on your “call to action”, whether your purpose is to place an immediate order, contact you, or subscribe to your ongoing newsletter, the bottom line is your bottom line. Our Web Sites are designed to get your viewers to act.

But of course, it’s little use to have the best product, or service in town, if no one knows about it and that’s where the SEO component comes in to play. All Sites we design, or re-design are fully optimized to get search engine (and of course Google Plus Local, Bing Local, etc.) respect. And the off-page strategies we suggest and implement will pretty much guarantee a prominent position in the Search engines, locally and organically and a new flood of eyes on your pages.

I’ve built hundreds of Web Sites and served as an Internet consultant to clients large and small, from Time Warner and Cox TV, to an octogenarian inventor not yet ready to retire – and, for dozens of Insurance Agents, as well as for the Independent Health Insurance Agent Association, itself.

Other clients include an attorney who wants to be a writer, a financial consultant, a mental health counseling center, a wellness adviser, a home care registry, a probate attorney, a sales coach and trainer and a frugality expert. And that’s just this month.

The Web is changing daily and we stay on top of all the changes, tools and tactics as they develop and include them in our strategies to ensure that your Web efforts are successful.

Three of the latest, most powerful techniques we offer include the creation of high authority backlinks, the production of Web videos and the implementation of social media marketing…and advertising.

WordPress Blogs are not a format for personal blather; they’re a content management system loved by the Search Engines, a powerful SEO tool and a vehicle for creating customer loyalty. They’re simple to use and recommended as an adjunct to your Site. We can set the whole thing up for you with all the latest plugins and train you in only a few minutes on how to use it effectively using little time and effort – time that I’m sure you’d rather put into other areas of your business.

Web video is the most effective tool that exists today. It’s inexpensive to produce and distribute, engenders customer trust and loyalty and serves most effectively in driving traffic to your Web Site and encouraging a viewer to your call to action. We can help you develop your script, shoot and edit the video and place it strategically on the Web. The conversion results will be spectacular.

For those outside of the Tampa Bay area, we can produce a professional video from photos, literature, or scraps of your own digital video, with royalty free music and professional voiceover.

Social media marketing covers a wide range of areas from alerting the social Sites to your existence to creating a business presence on Facebook and similar Sites, to starting a Twitter micro blog. Many of the elements of social media marketing are intertwined with and even automated by your Web Site, your blog and your videos, eliminating the time you’d have to spend promoting your business and allowing for maximizing time to profit from it.

Email marketing is more powerful than most business owners understand. Blasting your message to a list of people who’ve never heard of you is called spamming and will get your Site banned, but creating a list of voluntary subscribers from the email addresses of your patrons (and viewers) and sending out a series of automated messages and vital announcements will increase your profits exponentially. Without taking advantage of this simple technique you’re leaving a great deal of money on the table that could be in your pocket.

And of course, there’s the Google Map, later called Google Places and now Google Plus local. We know how to dominate for local search and to establish and maintain a stellar reputation for your business

As I said the Search Engine Optimization and marketing components are expansive. We’ve developed packages to conform to a variety of budgets, from large corporate offerings designed to produce results almost immediately, to starter packages and follow-up proposals created to produce a gradual rise in both Search Engine respect and business profits.

In addition, all of our services can be purchased a la carte’ and tailored to the particular needs and budget of your individual business plan. Consulting and training is available for those wanting a more hands on approach and a complete service package is available for those wanting to delegate the drudgery and devote the time to developing other aspects of their business.

Call Artitude Web Strategies (Artitude, Inc.) and let’s evaluate your situation and create a plan together. (727) 520-8655

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