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Today’s Internet is all Video. Customers strongly prefer watching a short video to reading pages of text. They’re rapidly coming to expect Web Sites to feature the medium and react far more favorable to Sites that do.

And the Search Engine love video too. Google owns Youtube and often places videos above the traditional listings Web Video can inexpensively help turn your Web Site from a necessary expense to a profit making tool.

I can help you with the scripting and put you on camera at your place, or right here in my studio.  Call or email me today and let’s talk about marketing with video!

Web Video is Not the Future. It’s Here Now and Essential!!!
While video has been present on the Web for several years, it has only recently emerged as the new standard of Internet communication.

Once a choppy, postage sized offering, slow and often difficult to watch, thanks to recent changes in technology, the development of cross platform formats with amazing compression, the availability of broadband and the intense interest by big corporate players, Internet video will soon replace television as our main source of home entertainment.

Knowing this, both the astute Web business person and the professional videographer would do well to take this phenomenon seriously, to learn whatever is necessary to board this train and ride it wherever it takes us. This Site is your ticket to ride. Welcome to Web Video Professional.

This Site is a sister site of Artitude Web Strategies. We have been creating business success on the Web since 1994 and have never before seen a tool as effective as a simple video for generating customer trust and Search Engine respect.
The beauty of it is that it’s simple, inexpensive and with a basic understanding of marketing and SEO, it is a profit magnet.

Our rates are affordable, our expertise established and your business will greatly benefit from it. Give us a call at (727) 520-8655 and let’s see how our Internet video service can help your business to succeed on the Web.

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