Methodology and Strategies

Search Engine Optimization Plus

On-page SEO was once a viable strategy unto itself, but today, in spite of promises by high pressure salesman, getting a Site well-positioned in the Search Engines, is a waiting game and often a crap-shoot. There are still some methods of enhancing your chances and a few on-Site tricks to give you an edge. We know them and employ them with every Site we create or advise, but the real challenge to getting eyes on your pages is played mainly outside of your WebSite, in the Internet Marketing arena.

Expert Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing takes SEO a giant step further. Now that the Search Engine game has changed, alternate strategies for getting traffic to your pages have to be employed. Here is where we shine. We offer both consultation and hands on implementation. Strategies include blogging, video, article writing, press releases, list building, newsletter writing, PPC (Pay Per Click), Facebook ads, banner ads, text ads, contextual ads, inline ads, and video ad creation and purchasing, as well as many of the new and evolving techniques.

Traffic Conversion

Getting the traffic to your Site is only half the job . All the work and all the eyes in the world don’t matter if no one buys your product, or takes the action you need them to take. We will optimize your landing pages with a purpose and write copy compelling enough to inspire your customers to act.

Professional Web Video

We are experts in Web Video; in fact we own a complete portable video studio, have written a book on professional videography and own a sister company:
The Web Video Professional

Video can be used to increase sales on your Site, or as a promotional tool to bring traffic to your Web pages.

We use broadcast quality equipment and offer a professional shoot and editing for your Web Site for an additional charge.

Reliable Hosting

We offer Basic Web Hosting to our clients for $0/mo. Your account features the famous cPanel interface which will enable anyone with or without technical experience to control their Site independently. We’ll still be available, of course, to answer your questions. Our servers are extremely reliable and we guarantee a 99.99% Uptime.

Digital Photography

Like Videography, Photography is a passion here at Artitude. Prices are negotiable, depending on your needs.

eCommerce Consulting

We’ve been swimming in this pool since 1994. We have assisted through consulting and implementation, large corporations and small businesses all over Florida – actually all over the world -and we’d very much like to help you to achieve genuine success on the Internet.

Whatever it takes to make you successful.

Call Artitude Web Strategies (Artitude, Inc.) and let’s evaluate your situation and create a plan together. (727) 520-8655

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