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This page was outdated before I finished writing it. There is so much more and so many algorithmic changes to that unnameable search engine company, that I have pretty much abandoned updating the page.

Some (but far from all – since the Web and SEO is ever changing) of the things we can do to help your Site succeed include (but not limited to):

Site Design, or Redesign: We can create a well crafted, successful Web Site from scratch, or take your existing Site and remake it into a Web business powerhouse.

Code Optimization: We can, if your Site warrants it, convert your existing clunky code to more Search engine friendly CSS.

Content and Copywriting: Our professional writers can created optimized content for your Site and persuasive ad copy to increase sales.

Site Maps: Google, Yahoo and MSN all love Sitemaps. It makes it easier for them to catalog your entire Site and gives it an air of authority . Unfortunately each of these require different code (Google requires XML; Yahoo, text and MSN, html. We will create a Sitemap of your Web Site for each of these major players and then submit to the appropriate places.

Directory Submission: We can hand submit (the only way to make certain your listing is received) your Site to hundreds of related Web Directories. These appropriate Web directories will, by listing you, create backlinks to your Site, thus laying down the first layer of breadcrumbs for the Search Engines to follow. For local businesses, these citations can win you favor in Google Plus Local.

Press Release: Similarly, we hand submit your Press Release to up to seventy-five general Press release distribution Sites. These Sites will disseminate the information to Sites all over the Web .

Article Marketing: One of the most effective means, when done right, of getting your name out to Web customers, brand you as an expert in your field and lay down a thick layer of breadcrumbs for the Search Engines to trail back to your Site is to write, or have written articles related to your industry. We have professional writers on staff, who can research and compose well written articles and we can then hand submit these articles, or any written by you, or your staff to hundreds of article directories.

Well written articles will send you an incredible number of visitors through the article’s resource box with links directly to your Site. These links will not only appear in the article directories, but on myriad other Web Sites, as the articles gets reproduced and placed on Sites throughout the Web. In a short while, the Search Engine and the readers will come to know you and your Web Site, as an authority for your industry.

Social Bookmarking: If there’s one thing that lends credence to the Web’s second generation and the need for new marketing methods, it’s social bookmarking. Search engine submission in the age of Web2.0 has been, if not completely replaced by, then significantly joined by social bookmarking Sites. Here Sites are judged, not by digital spiders, but by real human beings (you, me, all of us) who, after finding a Site make note of it and catalog it according to keyword “tags” which best represent the Site for us.

This is pure steak and lobster to the Search engines, who eat it up and value your Site accordingly. We can bookmark you in up to seventy five social bookmarking Sites, including all of the big ones like Digg and Del.icio.us. We can do this through a shared account, or one completely dedicated to and owned by your business.

Blogs: Blogs by their nature offer the Search engines new and updated information. The changing content and the (controlled) user comments are pure SE caviar. We can create and maintain a blog for you. Our professional writers can continue to feed the engines at whatever frequency you choose, or you can take over the content yourself.

Blog Submission: Blog directories are similar to Web Site directories, except that they list blogs. We can submit your blog to dozens of these directories and RSS directories

Video: This is, perhaps the single biggest thing to hit the Internet since the advent of the Web itself. More people watch video online every day then read all the newspapers in the US combined. Actually, I just made that up, but I’ll bet it’s true. Internet video in phenomenal. Google seems to value video, at least as much as it does text. Check the search engine for almost any keyword and see how many listing refer to something on a video hosting Site.
We can submit your Site to dozens of video hosting Sites, complete with a link back to your Site, a complete description and all the the keyword tags allowed. This may well be the thickest trail of breadcrumbs possible.

Don’t have a video? No problem! We know a way to create videos without your ever having to meet you, see your business, or even touch a camcorder. But if you live in the Tampa Bay area, we happen to have a portable video studio which can do just about anything.
We can also re-edit, add titles, lower thirds, meta data and even convert to flash any video you’ve created.

Any way you do it, having videos shown on Sites like YouTube, Revver, Metacafe, MySpace, AolVideo Yahoo Video, and others throughout the Web is one of the best Internet Marketing strategies available today. We can make it happen.

PPC: Pay Per Click Advertising. We know how to work effectively with Google Adwords. We can create, monitor, or even administer your Adwords, Yahoo, MSN, or other PPC campaigns in ways that will increase ROI (Return on Investment) and save you money.

Listbuilding, Newsletters, Autoresponders: Nothing builds customer loyalty and enables you to get your message in front of your perspective client s better than a newsletter. We can help you launch your list and even create and maintain the newsletters for you.

Affiliate Management: You may consider allowing us to set up and manage an affiliate program for your business. Not all businesses can benefit from such an arrangement, but if your business model is conducive, consider what it would be like to have an infinite number of commission-only sales people selling your product thoughout the Web. We can investigate and recommend software, or Affiliate Management Programs, set it up for you and even manage the day to day operation of this lucrative endeavor.

Banner Ads, Text Link Ads:Traditional Web Advertising still exists and what’s more, still work. We can advise and assist in the purchase and placement of these ads. Social meida advertising on Facebook and YouTube are amazing cost effective.

Pruning: If you check your current Site stats, you’ll see listings for dropped pages, dead links, moved pages and pages that never existed. I don’t know why this happens , but I do know how to make it pay off. We can design monetized custom 404 (page not found) pages We can also create 301 code (permanently moved) and other redirect pages to prevent losing viewers that intend to be on your Site.

Google Analytics: It’s still free and it’s awesome. Google offers the most detailed Web Site statistics imaginable. We can insert the code on your Site, and even monitor the results for you.

 Call Artitude Web Strategies (Artitude, Inc.) and let’s evaluate your situation and create a plan together. (727) 520-8655

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